Our Services

Quicksilver Transfer Agent has extensive experience in all your corporate needs. Here are some of the services we provide:

Transfer Agent Services

Stock Certificate Issuance: Quicksilver can issue, register, retire and cancel all stock certificates. As a full service stock transfer, we can process all legal stock and bond transfers. We can replace all lost or stolen securities, track and report lost or stolen securities.

Corporate Records: Quicksilver can provide secure records and reports, such as, shareholder lists and mailings, percentage lists , backdated lists, transaction reports, certificate reports, certificate history reports, and more. All corporate records are stored under full SEC compliance.

Corporate Actions: Quicksilver's corporate actions department can quickly process your forward stock split reverse stock splits, rights offerings tender offers, redemptions, mergers, conversions, exchange offers, rights offerings , Odd-Lot Buy/Backs, dutch auctions, subscriptions, name changes and Corporate Reorganizations, and other corporate actions.

Annual Meeting & Proxy Management

Other Services

CUSIP Application: Quicksilver can apply and process required documents to obtain your CUSIP number.

Stock Certificate Printing: Quicksilver provides stock certificate and financial printing services. We offer a a complete selection of designs and colors and even allow you to add your corporate logo to your certificate. Click here to submit an order request.

EDGAR Filing: Quicksilver offers filing solutions to process through the EDGAR system.

Escheatment: Quicksilver can process the proper forms with the appropriate state authority to turn over any unclaimed stocks or shares. Every company is required annually to file unclaimed property reports with state authorities and to make good faith efforts to find the owners of their dormant accounts.